Chocolate Tasting

The Spice Route in Paarl, about 45 minutes from Cape Town (see directions below), has a delightful village set up with De Villiers Artisan Chocolate, Roastery and Espresso Bar. The chocolate tasting experience starts with a tour of how chocolate is made, where it is sourced and the “proper way” to eat chocolate. Then we could finally try lots of different flavours of chocolate pieces! The most popular flavour is sea salt and caramel. I think it’s because most people like that sweet and salty combination but my favourite flavour is the cappuccino chocolate even though I don’t drink coffee! The whole tour comes to R25.


About 10 minutes drive away (see directions below) is the prettiest picnic spot with a lake and even a hiking trail! An afternoon well spent.

Be sure to have a playlist for your mini road trip, a full tank and picnic treats!

I’m from Cape Town and really enjoyed the day trip in Paarl so if you know any other cool places nearby let me know!

xx Yusra

Directions: De Villiers Chocolate

Directions: Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve

Featured Image: Chocolate tasting.



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